Ou ca? - Design a French soap opera

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<p>practice prepositions; places in town; jobs and family by drafting a soap opera. First draw; label and describe a plan of an imaginary district; then decide who lives and works where. The presentation shows a worked example with exercises. 8th and 9th grade.</p>

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July 2016
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January 2016
July 2012
This is a terrific powerpoint that can be modified to suit any lesson on directions. It is fun, engaging, and allows for students to practice reading, speaking and understanding French in a fun way. Very good lesson plan activity.
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February 2010
Thanks for sharing.
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April 2008
Graeat resource that could be further added to with pupils inventing characters etc and acting out storylines!
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March 2008
This is fab. merci
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January 2008
Fabulous resource. Thank you so much!