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Our Chordate Family Tree
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Our Chordate Family Tree


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About This Lesson

Students explore the evolution of the phylum Chordata by constructing a "family tree" -- a diagram of evolutionary traits and animals.First, they use cards showing traits to create a diagram of evolutionary relationships. Then they watch a Shape of Life video to observe Chordates and their distinguishing traits. The teacher facilitates discussion and then they revise their diagrams and add information, including examples of modern animals that exhibit the traits. Many possible adaptations and extensions are listed at the end of the lesson to help engage all students.



Chordates Lesson.pdf

June 10, 2020
7.64 MB
Chordate Animation: Amphioxus to Vertebrate Body Plan
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Chordates: We’re All Family
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Introduction to chordates
The curriculum guide had possible ideas for pulling this lesson off but I am so glad that I stumbled on this one. It is written using the 5E's and the extension offered several activities that appealed to a variety of learners. Exit ticket was even included. Thank you
Judith Lukacs
April 09, 2024