Persuasive Texts - Learning How to Annotate lesson

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Persuasive Texts - Learning How to Annotate lesson

This is one of several PowerPoint lessons that I have uploaded for students that gets them to investigate the use of persuasive techniques. The lesson is ready to teach with its resources (if applicable). Although; you will wish to adapt and differentiate for your own class. They can be taught together to reach an assessment outcome; but all are suitable as stand alone exploratory lessons. This lesson covers the skill of annotating a text looking for persuasive features.

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February 2014
Excellent resource for an introductory lesson on Persuasive techniques. The acronym AFOREST is perfect for having students make a foldable to anchor thier knowledge regarding the 7 features of a persuasive texts! I am confident that my students will be able to effectively analyze Persuasive Texts. Thanks for sharing!