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Persuasive Writing Lesson Plan

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan, Presentation


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In this persuasive writing lesson plan, students learn how to “argue on paper” using a fictional case about a school dress code rule against band t-shirts. The lessons take them through the process of writing two persuasive essays: one supporting the rule and one opposing it. After the essays, we suggest having your class play the game Supreme Decision to see how these arguments relate to issues of freedom of speech in schools.

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9 Reviews
A great resource. Thanks for sharing.
Melissa Gordon
November 26, 2020
Great resource! I've used this before.
Sharon Usher
October 25, 2018
splendid and a well-excecuted
Mohamed Baabad07
June 26, 2018
I think this lesson is right up the alley of what I need to help my 11th graders prepare for the ACT writing assessment.
December 15, 2016
Such a great help!
December 03, 2016