Photos of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Photos of the Civil Rights Movement.

A group task for individuals to identify their allocated image and then research that particular event within the movement. When research is complete the students re-group; feedback their findings and produce a group chronology of the Civil Rights Movement MLK_LP

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January 2017
A great way to start a unit on the civil rights movement and engage students in events from this time period.
October 2016
Really helpful as a starter for identifying key individuals in the CRM- Thank you so much
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
January 2016
great idea
January 2014
Great idea! I love the use of speech bubbles to help identify the phots.
July 2012
good activity on the U.S. civil Rights Movement
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
February 2012
A very good group exercise that teaches pupils how to analyze photographs