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Piano Basics Lesson Step 4 - Arpeggios from C Major (Triads)

Piano Basics Lesson Step 4 - Arpeggios from C Major (Triads)


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Subject Arts
Grade Level Grades 6-12

About This Lesson

What is a Triad?

A Triad is created by:
- Playing the 1st note of a scale
- Then missing the 2nd
- Then playing the 3rd note
- Then missing the 4th
- Then playing the fifth note (1-3-5).

These three notes pressed together are known as a "TRI-ad".

What is an Arpeggio?

If you play the triad notes one after the other (like the video) is it called and Arpeggio.

Extra Stuff:

Triads starting from notes: 1,4 & 5 happen to be Major.
Triads starting from notes 2,3 & 6 happen to be Minor.
Triads starting from note 7 happen to be Diminished


Piano Lesson Basics Step 4 - Triads from C Major - Arpeggios
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