Planetary Geology

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This NASA Education teacher's guide on Planetary Geology features exercises grouped into five units:

1) introduction to geologic processes

2) impact cratering activities

3) planetary atmosphere

4) planetary surfaces, and

5) geologic mapping.


January 2020
This lesson seems to have all of the necessary lesson information available for the students to be successful in this unit. I like the reading articles and the research component. I might have a computer day to have students look up the major events listed in the "Major Recorded Geologic Events on Earth, August 1992–July 1993". I did a similar activity with my students. My administrator seemed to think it might be more relevant to use dates closer to today. She thought the students would have more buy in. It didn't really seem to mater to my students that the dates were older. I especially like the answer key. Food for thought, we are getting many teachers in our district who are more long term substitutes than teachers. They are either teaching grades they are not familiar with, different subjects than they have been trained and are testing into subjects rather than training in depth in the subjects. Answer keys and background information are essential so misconceptions are not fostered.
July 2016