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Polynomial Equations and Factoring Unit Plan
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Polynomial Equations and Factoring Unit Plan


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Subject MathAlgebra
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

Polynomial equations and factoring will be taught to 9th and 10th grade Algebra 1 during the second semester. These lessons will be done on staff collaboration days, which the classes are 54 minutes, on regular scheduled school days, which a class has a duration of 56 minutes and on class meeting days, which a class has a duration of 52 minutes. These lessons are designed to meet the standards set forth by Common Core State Standards and our district standards. These lessons will examine prior knowledge, provide students with a variety of techniques to learn the concepts, allow students to work independently and in groups for collaboration, provide students with supplemental resources to aid in learning the material, as well as assess the students’ knowledge over the two-week period. These lessons will provide the students with questions and problems similar to what will be on the test, and allow for academic discourse, provide instant feedback, and help build confidence in a safe, engaging, and positive learning environment.

The information in the unit plan has links to videos, resources/notes/enrichment/differentiation for students in pdfs, possible assessments in pdfs, exit tickets, and supplementation strategies to assist in student learning in the classroom.



Polynomial Equations and Factoring Unit Plan - Algebra 1.docx

March 8, 2020
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