Pompeii and the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

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Presentation with animations of the ancient roman city of Pompeii and the effect of the eruption of mount Vesuvius. Can be shown as presentation or printed off as booklet. For teachers and students. Useful as discussion point for archaeology and science topic about soils and rocks.

mike ennington


May 2014
Very nice presentation. It would be great to have a lesson plan or an activity to go along with this resource.
December 2013
This is a lovely presentation but with some inaccuracies. The destruction of Pompeii is not described accurately - there was over 2 metres of ash/lapilli fall that killed many before the final lava flow that covered the city - and estimated 90% of the population escaped before this. Also, Pliny the Elder did not write anything about the eruption - this was recorded by his nephew (not son) Pliny the Younger. Also, the whole city of Pompeii has not been uncovered - 30% of it still lies buried, due to problems with conserving what has already been excavated.