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Positive Education Classroom Bingo Cards / SEL / Special Education


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About This Lesson

Educators, are you looking for a fun way to help your students enhance their wellbeing? Maybe you’ve been teaching wellbeing skills like the PERMA+ Snapshot (a skill that gives a snapshot personal rating of Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Mattering, Accomplishments, and +Health)and want a way to put those elements of wellbeing in action! 

Throughout the day, have your students try different activities to boost the various elements of PERMA+. Reach 5 in a row to get BINGO! Download these pre-made Bingo cards  – or personalize one for your classroom – to bring wellbeing to the forefront of teaching!

Here's what you'll get:

Two versions of the Bingo Cards, each with five variations:

Why you'll love this activity:

* The activity is easy to read and implement.

* You can use this resource as a standalone activity or as part of a comprehensive, science-based unit study.

* The associated free unit study for PERMA+ Snapshot comes with IEP and BIP recommendations tailored specifically to students with autism

Ways to Use

  • Incorporate into morning/end-of-the-day meetings
  • Use as a brain break to help with transitions
  • Use in a communal space (e.g., library, hallway) 
  • Integrate into small groups and/or individual counseling sessions
  • Families can use these at home, too!

What is PERMA+? 

The founder of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, explains are several elements critical to human flourishing: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments (PERMA+). We believe in the mind-body connection and have added +Health to reflect that physical health is a vital element of wellbeing. By learning the science and skills related to each element, you can take control of your wellbeing and drive your life toward a flourishing future!

Science of PERMA+ 

People who track their PERMA+ Snapshot are more likely to practice the skills of wellbeing that lead to:

  • More resilience in times of challenge & stress
  • Higher levels of satisfaction with work & their career
  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Increased social support
  • Greater meaning in their community & day-to-day lives
  • Increased performance and higher achievement
  • Better sleep quality
  • Less depression and anxiety

Looking for more PERMA+ resources? 

* Explore the free PERMA+ Snapshotwhich comes with teaching slides, additional worksheets and activities, and even IEP and BIP recommendations tailored specifically to students with autism. 

Proof Positive's resources are and will always be free. Be well!

Bonus access to full lesson plans and unit studies on the skills of happiness at our Skill Center



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June 3, 2024
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