PowerPoint presentation STIs

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PowerPoint presentation STIs

A short presentation about STIs (statistics, pictures, teenagers' comments) used as introduction to lesson and stimulant for discussion.

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October 2020
Extremely outdated. NO teen will look at any of this info and take it seriously. We need to be more realistic and not fear-monger. That is what they are used to.
July 2019
December 2017
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July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
August 2011
According to recent studies there appears to be no known confirmable treatment / cure for genital warts in which case the science is overall sturdy in this powerpoint. Nicely laid out, clearly labelled images. Overall a good resource.
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
October 2007
great i love the photos am going to go looking for more - try and scare them off sex for a good while longer!!
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
September 2007
excellent currently use a sre programme which could encorporate this power point
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
November 2006
Excellent and to the point. A great teaching resource, thanks a lot
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
August 2006
This powerpoint is straight to the point. I have found that a few powerpoint presentations go on too long, this one is simple to understand and should be used.