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Probability of Compound Events (Independent & Dependent Events) Lesson Plan

Probability of Compound Events (Independent & Dependent Events) Lesson Plan

Subject Math
Grade Level Grade 7
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Standards Alignment
Common Core State Standards


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Ever wondered how to teach probability of compound events in an engaging way to your 7th-grade students? In this lesson plan, students will learn about finding probabilities of compound events, including independent, dependent, and mutually exclusive events. Through artistic, interactive guided notes, check for understanding activities, a doodle & color by number worksheet, and a maze worksheet, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of probability of compound events. The lesson ends with a real-life example that explores the real-life applications of this math skill.



Probability of Compound Events Lesson Plan.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 12, 2024
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Find probabilities of compound events using organized lists, tables, tree diagrams, and simulation.
Design and use a simulation to generate frequencies for compound events.
Understand that, just as with simple events, the probability of a compound event is the fraction of outcomes in the sample space for which the compound event occurs.
Represent sample spaces for compound events using methods such as organized lists, tables and tree diagrams. For an event described in everyday language (e.g., “rolling double sixes”), identify the outcomes in the sample space which compose the event.


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