Project Based Learning: Over-development and Deforestation


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Creator of Lesson Plan: Kenneth A. Cureton, MDiv.

Lesson is for high-school aged individuals or can be scaled down for junior-high level students to learn about the potential problems with over-development and deforestation. I came up with this project because my surrounding area is being ravaged by developers. This area has acres and acres of land which has been undisturbed for centuries, but is being leveled at a record pace to satisfy developers of the Charlotte, NC. region. In the early stages, there was concern about disturbing Native American grave sites, because a few were discovered through construction. It worries me that developers are no longer caring about destroying these sacred sites, because the economic gains have outweighed their morales. Besides the destruction of sacred grounds, I am concerned about deforestation and it disturbing the ecosystem and its homeostatic relationship. It is my desire to get students away from their computers for a while and learn about the importance of nature.

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