Protest Art Created by Women in Pinochet's Chile

Facing History and Ourselves

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Arpillera. Protest quilt of Chile sewed by mother, grandmother, sister, spouse or other female family member of a disappeared person.

Used with permission from Marjorie Agosin

The personal stories of sisters, wives, and mothers make up the women's protest movement in Chile during Pinochet's dictatorship (1973-1990). Their stories are incredible narratives of courage and resistance. Facing what would seem like insurmountable odds, the women challenged silence and terror imposed by Pinochet, his military, and his secret police. Using protest art as a vehicle for showing opposition to powerholders, the women of Chile found solidarity and their voices. 

In this lesson, students learn about protest, human rights, and civil society by interpreting tapestries woven by Chilean women. 



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