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Racism is Real
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Racism is Real


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Grade Level Grades 6-12
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About This Lesson

A three-part series that explores the many ways black Americans face racial bias. These short films—Racism is Real, Black Protests vs. White Riots, and Prison System by the Numbers—explore the effects of racial bias on the lives of black Americans and the ways in which racism impacts American society as a whole.

Racism is Real uses recent academic studies to juxtapose the life of an average black person with an average white person—demonstrating the unique discriminations that black Americans face on a daily basis. Black Protests vs. White Riots takes a hard look at how television news programs distort our perceptions of race in their coverage and analysis of protests and riots. Prison System by the Numbers exposes the racial disparities in America's prison system in a compelling dissection of drug-related incarceration rates.

By examining the pervasiveness of racial bias in black American life, this series seeks to highlight the lingering grip of racism on all Americans.

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2019 Racism is Real Guide FINAL.pdf

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February 13, 2020
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February 13, 2020
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What are the odds you'll go to prison? • BRAVE NEW FILMS: JUSTICE #1
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Racism Is Real • Systematic Racism Explained • Black Lives Matter • BRAVE NEW FILMS (BNF)
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White Riots vs. Black Protests • BRAVE NEW FILMS
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