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Rainbow Fizz (Measuring pH)

Subject ScienceLife Science
Grade Level Grade 6
Resource Type Handout


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handout and ppt for Acids and Alkalis lesson focusing on observations and review of neutralization and indicators. I usually use it as a review lesson and get them to make observations and note down what happens at each step of the reaction. If measured out properly by a technician before hand and done carefully by the students (tilt the tubes when pouring as if you were layering a drink) the careful kids are rewarded with a beautiful rainbow effect in the test tube; the others learn to be more careful but are also able to make the observations at each step.


1 Review
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July 04, 2016
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January 30, 2016
Advice on quantities
This looks a really good little practical that I'm going to try. Any news on the quantities?
SML Member
March 01, 2010

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