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Ping and Pang are very different creatures. The way they look and act couldn’t be further apart. Is it possible, though, that they might have way more in common than they think? Find out on Read Out Loud as author/illustrator Mary Jane Begin shares her brand new picture book, PING MEETS PANG, a story of otherness, differences, and friendship.

About the Book

Ping and Pang are both Pandas, but they don’t look a thing like one another and that’s a problem.

Each maintains they possess the true qualities of being a Panda; the correct color, the size and shape of their ears, the even fluffiness of their tails. It is only when they realize what they have in common do they slowly appreciate each other’s differences.

The analogy to today’s political and racial climate points to acceptance of the other side’s differences and finding common ground.

PING MEETS PANG is an educational tool. It is an allegory about inclusiveness and acceptance of “the other” told through two pandas. The story is meant to spark discussions about multiculturalism and body positivity, and inspire the protection and conservation of pandas. Includes conversation starters for further instruction and participation!


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