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Ready Set Draw! with Tim Miller IZZY PAINTS

Subject ArtsVisual Arts
Grade Level Grades K-2


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Before our guest on this episode of Ready Set Draw! started making books for kids, he was an art teacher who made art with kids every day. Join author/illustrator Tim Miller and IZZY from Tim’s new picture book, IZZY PAINTS, to play a fun game Tim invented to make creating art more fun and less intimidating — its called the “How to make art when you don’t know what to make game”!

To play, you will need:

  • paint brushes
  • paper
  • some paints
  • a container of water
  • some sheets of paper towel
  • a mixing tray
  • Oh, and make sure to wear a smock so you don’t get paint all over your clothes!

Tim and Izzy would love to see your creations! Ask a trusted adult to help you post what you create on social media ( helps if you say please!) using hashtag #ReadySetDraw.


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