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Renaming Mixed Numbers (Preparing for Subtraction) Card Game
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Renaming Mixed Numbers (Preparing for Subtraction) Card Game


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Subject MathFractions
Grade Level Grade 3
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

Distribute white boards, markers, and erasers to students.  Place a set of the Mixed Number Regrouping Game Cards upside down under the document camera.  Call up a student to help you to model today’s game.  Let students know that the purpose of today is to continue to work on fluency with mixed number regrouping.  Another layer of work today will involve thinking about other people’s thinking and critiquing their work in a way that helps both partners to develop a better understanding of the work.

  1. Each player (the teacher and volunteer) will turn over a card and they will both do their work on the whiteboard.

  2. They will then each explain their work and thinking (step by step) to their partner.  (Ex.  If I was going to rename 3 3/8 to get more pieces I could rename it as 2 11/8.  These are both equivalent and the 11/8 will be helpful in a subtraction situation where I want to take away something greater than 7/8.

  3. If they both agree that each other is correct, the person with the answer that is greater will keep both cards.  If one person thinks their partner made a mistake, they will explain their concern in a polite way and help them fix it.  The person who helped the other person fix and understand will get both cards in this situation.

  4. Students can then play this game with a partner.  The ability to rename mixed numbers in order to get more pieces is an important skill to develop - this will support work with subtraction that requires renaming/regrouping.  



Mixed Number Renaming Card Game Set.pdf

February 13, 2020
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