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Representing Quantitative Relationships Independent and Dependent Variables

Representing Quantitative Relationships Independent and Dependent Variables Lesson Plan

Subject Math
Grade Level Grade 6
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Ever wondered how to teach representing quantitative relationships between independent and dependent variables in an engaging way to your 6th-grade students?

In this lesson plan, students will learn about independent and dependent variables and their real-life applications. Through artistic, interactive guided notes, check for understanding, and practice activities such as a doodle & color by number activity and a maze worksheet, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to identify independent and dependent variables, write equations, graph values, and fill tables. The guided notes provide structured instruction and integrate checks for understanding to ensure students are on the right track.

The lesson culminates with a real-life example that explores how the math skill of representing quantitative relationships applies to solving one-step equations in a real-life scenario.

This lesson plan is not only suitable for introductory lessons but also for reteaching and spiral review, homework assignments, substitute teacher plans, and quiz, test, and exam preparation. The resource includes guided notes, practice worksheets, a real-life application activity, and answer keys for all worksheets.



Independent and Dependent Variables Lesson Plan.pdf

Lesson Plan
November 17, 2023
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