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Roll and Read ew, ue, u_e and oo Sound Mat

Grade Level Grades K-2
Resource Type Activity


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Move away from the traditional worksheet and practice reading and saying long 'u' words with this printable roll-and-read activity.

Designed for two players, you will need the following:

two pencil crayons (a different color for each child);
a copy of the long 'u' words read and roll sheet for each pair;
a dice (use this dice template if yours has gone missing).
How to play

In this game-style activity, children take turns to roll the dice, look at the number, and select a long 'u' word from the appropriate row. They then read out the word and color it in, continuing until the whole board has been crossed off. This allows children to practice reading and saying long 'u' words.

As an extension activity, children could practice writing out their words too.

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Roll and Read ew, ue, u_e and oo Sound Mat.pdf

September 25, 2023
2.8 MB
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