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Science And Religion
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Science And Religion


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About This Lesson

Science and religion start with different assumptions and seek to achieve different objectives. But can science and religion be compatible? Can they find common philosophical ground?

The following videos shed light on current conversations about how science and religion interact with each other from four different points of view held by some of the world’s leading thinkers. Use the ideas covered in these videos as starting points for discussions, critical thinking and debates.

Questions to ask include:

  • Is it possible for scientists to be religious, or must they be agnostic or atheistic?
  • Why has religion been so prevalent throughout the history of human culture, and can its cultural purposes work in harmony with the goals of science?
  • Can science and religion work together to reveal anything special about the universe?

Please bookmark the video URLs for quick reference when designing discussions or showing them to your class. 

Video URLs

Owen Gingerich -

Francis Collins -

Michael Shermer -

Paul Davies -


Owen Gingerich, Astronomer, Harvard University:

Francis Collins, Geneticist, Former Director of National Institute of Health:

Michael Shermer, Author, Founder and Publisher, Skeptic magazine:

Paul Davies, Physicist, Arizona State University:


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