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Science Standards and Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented - Grade 7

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Subject Science — Life Science
Grade Level Grades 6-8
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     While a Common Core Standards and Curriculum exists for all students in the Seventh Grade, no similar standard exists to aid students whose understanding of science - in this case, biology - is deeper and better developed than their peers. For these “talented and gifted” students, an advanced standard is necessary in order to enrich their learning experience and to provide a challenge. Thus, the objective of Science Standards and Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented is to provide seventh grade teachers with a comprehensive and encompassing curriculum on biology that can be applied to “talented and gifted” students.

     The content of the following will explore concepts also mentioned in the Common Core Standards and Curriculum in much more depth and will also provide “talented and gifted” students with hands-on experiments and opportunities to explore these advanced concepts. Through this curriculum, students will be able to build upon their existing knowledge on biology and build a strong foundation that will aid them in biology courses on the high school level.

     This curriculum has been divided into several sections: cell biology, genetics, evolution, earth sciences, structure and function in living systems, and physical sciences. Each section will entail a set of standards that students are expected to understand by the end of the lessons. Each section also includes at least two lesson plans that will help teachers plan their lesson and expand on concepts more thoroughly. Each lesson plan will also include an Experiment/Investigation section that will provide students with a hands on learning experience, which will help them better understand the biological topics. Although these sections parallel those found in the Common Core Standards and Curriculum, the sub-sections found underneath will explore these general sections in more detail. Lesson plans will also include suggested homework and assessment standards that teachers can follow.

More information about the curriculum and its activities can be found at 


1 Review
This curriculum is extremely
This curriculum is extremely helpful and provides a wide variety of activities for students to complete!
October 25, 2017