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Self selected Novel Project Choice Board For Teachers, Parents and Students During Social Isolation


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About This Lesson

Read! Read! Read! This is the most powerful tool in an educated persons toolbox regardless of anything else! So often in school the novel or article is assigned so teachers are limited to self selected novel or article  to several a quarter at most. The issues is always difficult in how to document this and how to help students grow from this experience. Thus, we have many ways that we share what we read in the classroom. It really is powerful to help students master providing great book talk presentations. These wonderful presentations encourage other students to read more books, which is a win for all. I like the SeeSaw Book Snaps I shared earlier. It is not on this guide. I am working with a how to for Thinglink. I have also shared the Book Bento that are not on this guide as these options are more technology focused. I think this would be great for the current distance learning most schools are engaged in. It would be awesome if we could start a library about great books.

Enjoy ​​​​​​!



Self selected Novel Project Choice Board.docx

May 11, 2020
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