Short project on Paris

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Short project on Paris

These are 20 different research topics about Paris and some people who have figured large in its history. These are designed for a mixed ability class; where the teacher can decide who gets what topic. Use this with a group that are going to Paris on a school tour; to allow them to have some knowledge of the places that they are going on the trip. Part of it also ties in with History class; where students study the French Revolution.

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July 2016
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January 2016
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May 2010
spot on. thanks for this resource.
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March 2008
Thanks, this is great! I added "le stade de France et le Parc des Princes" and "shops on the champs-elysees" too when i used it. thanks
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June 2007
Perfect for students who can only manage small 'chunks' of work. Great confidence booster! :-)