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Siroun: A Virtual Reality Experience

Grade Level Grade 6, Grade 9
Resource Type Activity


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Siroun is a virtual reality experience designed for classrooms to extend the central theme of feature film, The Promise, injustice is only enabled by silence. Siroun tells a story about a friendship between an Armenian boy and Turkish boy against the backdrop of the Armenian Genocide. A young Turkish man, Artak, is frozen in fear as he witnesses Turkish boys harass his Armenian friend, Temin. The VR film gives viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a rural Ottoman village at a critical moment in history, creating a foundation of empathy to consider the choices and experiences of everyday people caught at the crossroads of civil war and genocide.

Watch Siroun Here.

Pro Tip: On YouTube, click the 'cardboard goggles' icon to watch in any VR headsets. On a desktop or tablet, the video is viewable in 360˚ -- simply click and drag the screen to view in all directions.

Like the Siroun virtual reality experience?

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February 13, 2020
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Siroun: A Virtual Reality Experience
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August 02, 2019

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