Small Steps Novel Study

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Small Steps Novel Study

<p>Lessons based around a whole class reading of Louis Sachar’s novel ‘Small Steps’. This is only ‘part one’ of the complete unit; going from an introduction where students watch the film HOLES and discuss (Can do a S&L assessment); and then introduce the novel and read Chapters 1 - 7; with comprehension questions and empathetic writing tasks. I will continue to upload as I create the unit.</p>


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July 2016
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January 2016
December 2013
Great resource. Love the ppt&#39;s. Also the the number of standards that are addressed is nice.
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May 2012
Excellent resource for early chapters of book. Very interesting and relevant work based on book. I am just starting this novel with my class but you seemed to hae stopped uploading after the opening chapters. Great resource though thanks :)
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July 2010
These look excellent for my upcoming 'reading hour'. Do you have the rest of the chapters at all? <br/> <br/>F4rny