Springtime magnetic Poetry Activity

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Springtime magnetic Poetry Activity

Credits are on the actual poster National Poetry Month Poster 2020

In honor of National Poetry Month I created Springtime magnetic poetry. This is not my skill set so many hours of meticulous work went into this humble creation. I wanted it to be an activity that could be done with SLP or Special educator on the computer. The creating the poem has to be done in the edit mode of PowerPoint or the user is not able to drag and drop the words. The first slide is the directions, the second is the actual activity and the final is the picture without word tiles. I think that it might be easier to drag the selected words to the final tile, but as I stated I have a disability that makes this a very laborious. There are many great poets that love to play with the way the words look on the printed page. It would be wonderful to share a meaningful poem with a child and help them to find one that they might like to claim as their own special poem. There are many sites that read aloud selected poems. The best site I have found is the America's Favorite Poem Project at http://www.favoritepoem.org/ . This site has a variety of individuals that share a brief biography and tell how they connected with the poem. I think the video of these individuals reading their poem is moving.  Poetry has a powerful way of helping people get in touch with their emotions. 


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