Statistics 1 - Normal Distribution

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The following sheet explore the normal distribution function. Norm Dist 1 - explores the how mean and standard deviation effect the normal distribution function Norm Dist 2 - explores the probability distribution for a symmetrical two tailed event Norm Dist 3 - explores the probability of a general two tailed event You will need to allow macros to run when using most of the sheets available here. This can be checked by opening Excel and clicking :- Tools Macros Security and choosing Medium or Low security. Some sheets require you have Analysis ToolPak installed

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A very useful spreadsheet for teaching the Normal Distribution, especially calculating probabilities. It is a very visual way of quickly displaying the area under the curve which a particular probability requires. I also like the fact that you can change the values of the mean and standard deviation, it will be a great starter to get students to sketch the distribution for different values on mini whiteboards and use this spreadsheet to display the correct answer. A lot of possibilities, thank you for sharing.