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Stonewall Outloud: Personal Accounts of the Riots

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Subject Social Studies — Historical Thinking
Grade Level Grades 9-12
Resource Type Activity, Handout

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Few personal accounts or archival material from the Stonewall riots actually exist. In STONEWALL OUTLOUD, World of Wonder weaves together a new, fresh account of those fateful nights through rare recordings unearthed from the archives of StoryCorps, featuring people who were there as the uprising began 50 years ago. New faces bring the voices of the past to life as today's top LBGTQ talent honor the significance of this profound moment in the story of gay rights in America.

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I think that people should treated one another no matter if they are gag or not. I think that we all should treat people they way you would want to be treated.
Peggy Parsons
June 23, 2020