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StoryCorps Podcast 452: The First Great Listen

Subject English Language Arts — Speaking and Listening, Writing, Social Studies — US History
Grade Level Grades 6-12
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The weekly StoryCorps podcast dedicated an episode to highlights from the 2015 Great Thanksgiving Listen. This episode includes excerpts from interviews recorded over the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend.

The stories that came in were revealing and funny and intense and personal. As we hoped, an incredible number of people sat down with their grandparents or another elder, who with a little prompting, shared their happiest and proudest memories, as well as difficult moments they overcame over the course of their lives. They also shared advice for younger generations that no matter how it was worded, essentially boiled down to a few simple recommendations: Treat others with respect, do a lot of different things with your life, be adventurous, and have a lot of fun because time moves quickly.


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1 Review
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September 20, 2016