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StoryMakers with Seth Eliot: Santoro Finn and the Ferocious Flu

Grade Level Grades K-3


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While the world struggles to understand and learn lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic, StoryMakers brings us the story of a boy and his family who find themselves having to navigate similar issues. Join Seth Eliot Santoro, author of FINN AND THE FEROCIOUS FLU, for a chat about this award-winning book, a lesson in the S.M.I.L.E Adventure method of dealing with trauma, and an activity to help remind us of and focus on the positive.

About the Book

All of a sudden, precocious Finn and his family confront a flu pandemic. Struggling to find normalcy, they must navigate the storm together as a family while each member must find their own unique and individual path, which is okay, normal, AND to be expected.

This book is set up to watch/witness their story unfold, and then discuss The S.M.I.L.E. Adventure method of healing from trauma afterward.


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