Student-Directed Socratic Seminar Discussion Unit

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This Socratic Seminar unit is designed to engage students in independent classroom discussions thorough the use of student-generated discussion topics and student-lead conversation. The resources include a brief introduction to Socratic seminars for teachers as well as the student materials needed for before, during, and after the Socratic seminar discussions. A discussion rubric and class evaluation template are also included for teacher assessment purposes. Aligned to Common Core State Standard: SL.9-10.1


October 2018
really helpful and of use
April 2018
These materials are outstanding! Thank you so much for sharing...I really appreciate it! :-)
October 2016
This is wonderful! I have been looking for supplemental materials for my socratic seminars!! Thank you!!
September 2014
This is SO USEFUL and can be used for all levels of High School ELA. THANKS SO MUCH
May 2013
Thank you so much for sharing this information.
May 2013
As an instructional coach, I'll be sharing this with my teachers across content areas! Thank you for sharing the ideas and materials.
May 2013
Thank you for sharing your very detailed work! This can be used and adapted to different classes!.