Superheroes scheme Lesson 1 PowerPoint

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Reading strategies on Superheroes. Aligned with Common Core Standards: RL.6.10; RI.6.1, RI.6.2, RI.6.3, RI.6.4, RI.6.5, RI.6.6, RI.6.7, RI.6.8, RI.6.9, RI.6.10, RI.7.1, RI.7.2, RI.7.3, RI.7.4, RI.7.5, RI.7.6, RI.7.7, RI.7.8, RI.7.9, RI.7.10, RI.8.1, RI.8.2, RI.8.3, RI.8.4, RI.8.5, RI.8.6, RI.8.7, RI.8.8, RI.8.9, RI.8.10

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August 2017
Great overall idea and such an engaging topic for middle school.
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
December 2013
I agree that it is fun and interesting. However, "infer" is used incorrectly in the powerpoint. It says that, for example, that "the dark clothes infer..." This is not the case; people make the inference. Needs some revision.
September 2013
Love the idea of superheroes to discuss inferences
July 2013
Very nice and helpful resource
June 2013
This powerpoint will help my summer job because our theme is superheroes.
July 2012
Fun and informative
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
December 2011
This an interesting resource with an engaging task for pupils.