Supporting Children and Family Survivors of Military Line-of-Duty Deaths

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Children who experience the loss of a parent or other family member through a military line-of-duty death are likely to face a number of unique issues. School professionals working with students in such circumstances will be able to provide more effective support when they understand the distinct aspects of this experience. 

To understand more about providing support to survivors of a line-of-duty death, read through the materials in this module. Each segment includes references to the Coalition to Support Grieving Students website. Together, these materials will prepare school professionals to offer meaningful support to children immediately after a death as well as over time. 

Contents of This Module 

What to Know: Background information on the culture and experiences of survivors 

  1. Being Part of the Military 
  2. Military-Connected Students: Challenges and Resilience 
  3. Distinct Experiences: In the Immediate Aftermath 
  4. Public Matters Affect Personal Responses 
  5. Grief Over Time 
  6. Giving and Getting Support 

What to Do: Action steps 

  1. How Schools and School Professionals Can Support Children Coping with a Loved One’s Line-of-Duty Death 
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