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Supreme Decision Simulation
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Supreme Decision Simulation


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About This Lesson

Bring civics to life through media-rich, whole-class, collaborative experiences that engage students in learning about landmark Supreme Court cases.

iCivics’ simulations engage students in a dynamic experience where they take on the role of a Petitioner, Respondent, or Supreme Court Justice to decide fictional cases.

During this in-class activity, students will navigate questions of student rights by taking the principles established in the U.S. Constitution, drawing on precedent-setting landmark Supreme Court cases, and applying them to the complexities of student life.

Student Free Speech: Ben Brewer v. Hamilton HS

Guide your students through the fictional case of Ben Brewer, a high school student who was suspended for violating the school dress code.

Students will examine the First Amendment right to free speech and apply the precedent of Tinker v. Des Moines to answer the question: Does the Constitution protect Ben’s right to wear a band T-shirt to school?



Facilitation Guide and Activities - Student Free Speech Guide.pdf

January 9, 2024
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