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A 3 page .pdf for Teacher Assessment use. I've been using it for end of unit assessment pieces. WARNING: often results in a plethora of rewrites if not shown to the students prior to working on their end-of-unit project. Aligned with Common Core Standard: W.6.5, W.7.5, W.8.5

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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2014
This resource includes rubrics describing various levels of proficiency in writing, reading, and speaking/listening. Some of the descriptors are vague, but they form an excellent starting point for teachers to share learning targets with students, or for students to assess their own progress.
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July 2011
Fantastic! Thank you!
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November 2010
Lovely, thank you!
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February 2010
Thanks. These can be easily understood by pupils and give them clear targets. Thanks
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October 2007
Exactly what I've just been looking for! Thank you so much, you have saved me enormous time and energy and it just looks so much better than I would have done. Fab!
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September 2007
This is a clearly designed and laid out tool, but there is no level 8 in English as far as I am aware.