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Teaching Adjective Personality to EFL Students through Elements of Nature

Resource Type Handout, Lesson Plan


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Adjective of personality can be challenged to learn, especially for EFL students. In Indonesia, students usually memorize vocabulary to learn adjective of personality. As a young adult learner teacher, I often have difficulties in finding an interesting method in teaching adjective. I think using nature elements vocabulary will be more fun and interesting for young adult learners.

            Indonesian people, especially in my culture, still strongly believed in the element of nature in our body. They think that people have similar characteristics with the natural elements based on birth order in the family. The four elements are earth, fire, water, and air. The first child has similar characteristic to water, the second child has an identical character to fire, the third child has identical nature to air, and the fourth child has an identical characteristic to earth. Adjective of personality can be learned through these elements in many ways; for instance, role play on character reader.

            This project aims to introduce and illustrate the procedure of teaching personality adjective through nature elements for young adult EFL students, as well to build students’ awareness of humans’ connectivity with nature. This project will provide the basic knowledge of natural elements with the characters they have, for example, a first child or earth is stable, consistent, loyal, etc. Also, this project will provide lesson procedures (lesson plan), and teaching media. 


Samsu Alam
January 20, 2020