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Teaching the Israel-Hamas War
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Teaching the Israel-Hamas War


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Grade Level Grades 7-12
Resource Type Article, Lesson Plan

About This Lesson

Read the news lesson and have students answer the following discussion questions:

  1. Should the international community, including the United States, take a more active role in the Israel-Hamas war? What kinds of actions do you think would be appropriate? Are there any actions which should be avoided?
  2. At least 30 American citizens were killed in the initial Hamas attacks that began the war. Does this give the United States the right to take direct military action itself? Should the United States take such action?
  3. As explained in the article, the United States currently provides foreign aid to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Should the United States continue to support both groups or should these priorities be re-evaluated?
  4. Several countries around the world, not including the United States, have shut down and even banned protests that express pro-Hamas or antisemitic (anti-Jewish) messages on the grounds that they promote violence. Do you agree with this policy? How, if at all, should the U.S. government or state/local governments address similar protests in the United States?



Teaching and Discussing the Israel-Hamas War.pdf

November 30, 2023
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Israel-Hamas War Discussion - Hamas Attack & Israeli Response.pdf

Lesson Plan
November 30, 2023
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