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Is there a right way to protest? - Civil Discourse for Classrooms

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity


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Each module consists of:

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  • related current and age-appropriate public media content including audio, video, and text;
  • extension resources for advanced or highly-interested students;
  • student graphic organizers;
  • a simple debate tool;
  • a teacher's guide to the module;
  • and a guide to the 5 Key Questions of Media Literacy.

This Teacher's Guide supports the Is there a right way to protest? module on Here is the full module and below is a summary.

The summer of 2020 was defined by global protests against police brutality and systemic racism following the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Tony McDade, and many other Black people. Although most these protests were largely peaceful, there were also instances of looting, property destruction, and violence in cities throughout the country. While violence is never the solution to our problems, some argue that breaking rules and disturbing the peace are the only ways to get the attention of those in power. As we wrestle with these ideas and study how protests have looked throughout history, we ask, “is there a ‘right’ way to protest?”

To use this module with learners in any setting, we recommend using one of the structured discussion formats outlined at You can find options for a small or large group, so that all students or just a few participate, and examples of some discussion formats.




July 15, 2021
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