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Transitioning to Kindergarten Multicultural Book List

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-2
Resource Type Article, Handout


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It’s important to find books that jump-start a preschooler’s passion for reading. Members of the American Federation of Teachers Early Childhood Education Cadre, made up of early educators from all over the country, have recommended some of their favorite books available in English and Spanish. In addition to these selections, we have added book selections from Colorín Colorado to create a multicultural list, encompassing children’s stories and characters from a rich array of cultures to create the "Transitioning to Kindergarten Multicultural Booklist." 

Colorín Colorado is the largest, most comprehensive online resource for educators and parents of English language learners. Educators and parents will find a wealth of information on how to help ELLs of all language backgrounds read and succeed in school. To learn more about Colorín Colorado, visit

Each booklist in this guide pairs a set of learning activities from the “Transitioning to Kindergarten” toolkit with books that explore similar ideas and skills. For the complete “Transitioning to Kindergarten” toolkit, with all of its fun activities, visit

The AFT has partnered with First Book (, a nonprofit organization that provides new books for programs and schools serving children in need, to bring you these book recommendations. Most of the books are available through First Book. Learn more about the AFT/First Book partnership and how to register for First Book at

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