Tyrannosaurus Rex - Dinosaur song

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Children really enjoy getting stuck in the chorus of "Tyrannosaurus Rex" with large doses of aggression being used on 'rough' and 'tough'! The introduction is ideal for teaching about jumping (arpeggio) and stepping (scale) notes. Children seem to have a limitless appetite for learning about the huge number of dinosaurs which roamed the Earth. I've uploaded a few of my other dinosaur songs such as "Stegosaurus" and "Pachycephalosaurus" but if you wish to obtain the complete set of ten songs at no cost please visit www.notablesongs.co.uk where they are available as a PDF download.


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July 2016
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January 2016
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March 2012
Thanks so much for this. These are lovely resources and I'm sure my class will really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.
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August 2011
I think my P2's will really like this and thanks for the words which I can put up on the whiteboard.
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May 2011
Excellent. It makes a change to find a great resource before teaching the topic instead of finding it afterwards. I'm glad their are vocal options as my voice wouldn't reach those notes. Tracey H Burton
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April 2011
Brilliant! Thanks so much - from a not very musical teacher!