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Unit Plan: Systems of Equations Subject: Algebra I

Grade Level Grades 6-8


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The following unit, is designed to introduce and progress student understanding of how to solve systems of equations. Students will be exposed to how two functions with the same variables will be able to work together and solve for the two unknown variables.  Students will also have to use a variety of procedures to come up with the answers.  Graphing, adding, subtracting, solving for a variable, and using multiples will be just some of the skills that they should have already mastered to work through this unit. This unit is probably one of the more real-world related and life-applying units that the students will have. By the end of this unit a student should be able to recognize a system of equations and be able to solve it using either a graph, substituting for one variable, eliminating a variable through addition, subtraction and multiplication.  The students should also be able to be given a word problem and create a system on their own. 


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