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Upload Guideline for Share My Lesson

Upload Guideline for Share My Lesson


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About This Lesson

Our step-by-step guildeline is designed to help make the upload of your resources simple and quick. To upload, you must first have a Share My Lesson user account, which can be created by clicking the Join Us button at It is good to remember the following details when you create your profile:

  • Use a strong password
  • Sign up for the weekly newletters
  • Agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Two important notes to keep in mind when uploading your resource:

  • When uploading a lesson for your partner page, click Authored By and be sure to erase your name and type in the name of your partner page. If you don't, the resource will show up under your user name, and not the partner name. 
  • Please remember that images and the availability of attachments to download make your resource more attractive. These resources are typically included in our Collection Themes. Keep in mind that your resources may live in various places on Share My Lesson, such as your Partner Page, in our Collections Themes or in the Webinar section.

Always feel free to contact Susan Ward or Kelly Booz if you run into any problems uploading your resources any or other concerns with your account.


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