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Urban Teen Audio Book - Up in the Attic Movie Soundtrack

Urban Teen Audio Book - Up in the Attic Movie Soundtrack


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About This Lesson

Up in the Attic is a coming of age story which took place in 1984 in Teaneck, New Jersey and the Northern NJ area ( Just 10 minutes away from New York City). It is time for these popular teens to graduate, but some are still being lured by the streets, getting high and partying. What will happen to them when high school is over? Edited from the original movie "Up in the Attic" by Kamal Supreme ______________________________________________________________________- #50yearsofhiphop In the suburban township of Teaneck New Jersey in 1984, there were a popular group of young men called the Asiatic Brothers and/or the Gods. They were known for their good looks, ability to rap, knowledge of self and good grades, but their weakness was a habit of smoking, drinking and more! They liked to get high, joke with each other and party, but itt started to seem like they didn't realize that they were a few months away from high school graduation and everything would soon change in their lives.
They all hung out in Jamal's attic, because his mother would work hard for the phone company in NYC and by the time she came home and made dinner for Jamal and his two little sisters, Mom would go in her room, lock the door and wind down. She knew that Jamal diid a few bad things, but she liked knowing that he was home. Upstairs in the attic.
Jamals' girlfriend Tamika's father had been abusing her mother and the family one day had to escape from home and that hurt Jamal and made him start thinking about his future. Let's see what happens next!
Up in the AtticAuthor Kamal Supreme aka Mr. O the Hip Hop TeacherCreated in 2008Edited for young adults*Warning: this film contains strong language and drug use.Parental/Teacher discretion is advised
Up in the Attic is an anti-bullying, anti-drug and anti-peer pressure film#peerpressure #bullying #anti-drug #teenfilm #urbandrama #llcooljay #rockthebells


Audio Book | Up in the Attic Hip Hop Movie | Teen Edited Soundtrack
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