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US Policy of Assimilation Through Education: Indian Boarding Schools

Grade Level Grades 6-12
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Please be respectful! Many American Indian families and tribes still carry deep trauma about this horrible experience. Imagine if someone from the US Government came to your house and removed your child by force with threats to put you jail. Better yet imagine it in a foreign country where you did not speak the language or were not allowed your own government to provide any resource support. This is what happened in these families and to these specific children. At 57, I can't imagine as a daughter or as a mother living through this. My grandmother story was unusual as she had no one left alive in her family except one brother. Thus, it still was painful, but necessary for survival.  This is from the LOC again so be careful that you don't inadvertently transmit the Eurocentric view. I have some more resources that I will add as I can. Be sure to check back. Please help open heart, minds and eyes. The issues of the treatment of the American Indian have caused a horrible ongoing mess. There are no quick fix formulas out there...They are living lives of deep soul crushing poverty. It is time to end this undeclared War on the Native American Indian 's and provide them with true equality due all US citizen's. It is time to make formal apology and acceptance  of our unjust treatment. It is time to finally keep are words and deeds made to the American Indian's in all the various treaties without the encumbrances of the paternalistic BIA governing the actions of the Tribes.


March 08, 2021

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