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The USA 1919-41 Review of Key Terms

Grade Level Grade 9
Resource Type Handout


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A PowerPoint and handout in which students match key terms; events; individuals etc to their correct definition.


1 Review
I'm new to Share My Lesson and curious as to why this is more than a year old, been viewed 916 times, but never rated. So here's a first rating. Pretty sure Ms. Carrington is British by her use of colour v. color and spending a day on a period of time that in the U.S. would be covered in much more detail. Not a critique (we likely would spend less time on the comparable period in British history), just an observation. Curious also on the use of "boom" to refer to the Roaring 20's. Again, not a critique, just interested if that is a common description of the 1920s in Britain. Materials could be useful for a recap of the time period.
February 27, 2018