Using Connectives: Transitions to Aid Cohesion

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A PowerPoint presentation; covers the main types of connectives / transitions; and then works through a very abbreviated version of Chaucer’s “Steward’s Tale” to exemplify a variety of connectives / transitions as paragraph openers. Gives opportunities for students to identify connective / transition type; and discuss how these can be used to aid cohesion within a text.

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July 2016
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January 2016
November 2013
I would not use this source. It may be sensitive for younger students since it talks about a woman having an affair...
September 2013
thank you for sharing. this will be great for EAL learners in the high school.
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
February 2012
This looks terrific and will help my second language learners enormously next term. Many thanks.
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January 2012
Wow! This really gives children the opportunity to understand the impact of connectives on their writing especially in how to start their paragraphs.
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October 2011
Thank you for the resource. Although I didn't use the resource as it was too young for my adult learners the information it contained helped me create one that was suitable. Thanks once again and I will keep the PP for use at a later date when teaching
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August 2011
Thank you so much. This will help me in my class. Thanks for sharing.
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May 2011
Outstanding. A great resource to use with a class.
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December 2009
will use this in the new year!
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November 2009
I will be using this with MFL
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November 2009
A professional and interactive resource with sufficient scope to engage, support, challenge and extend the breadth of learners. Thank you
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May 2008
Incredible! Fantastic! Thanks!
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March 2008
They will - correctly - point out that some of the 'wrong' answers in this game not only make sense, but enhance the meaning of the tale in an interesting way. You can still use it with more able groups, but more as a discussion opener.