Violet, Blue, Green and Yellow Color Activity

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Violet, Blue, Green and Yellow Color Activity

Drag & Drop activity for purple, blue, green and yellow. Students match color words to the color and the color words to objects. It is part of a bigger unit, but I am slow pulling it all together. In light of the times, I decided to upload so it might be used if needed. Color words are powerful descriptive and emotive words to talk with kids about. It is important for kids and families to talk and colors and the objects in our world are important things to share information about, There are many wonderful books that celebrate colors. Color words can be a wonderful way to teach early literacy skills using the color word and letter recognition. Families can print the color word cards and work with them at home to sort household objects into colored bags with the color words labeled outside. Rainbows of color make me happy! I love working with creative art activities and writing color poems with students of all ages. I love to read Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister to my students and my own children. I have linked the beautiful reading of the story by Ernest Borgnine. Ernest Borgnine powerfully shares the story as my Grandpa might have read it too me. I felt so delighted to hear it read to me. I had never had the opportunity to listen to it as I have always been the reader. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. I included the link for all the books that are read at the Storyline Online website. Rainbow Fish lends to talking about social and emotional topics. This is so important that we talk about the story and share. After we read and discuss the story, I share experiences with my kids using watercolors. They enjoy learning about the properties of watercolor colors. We create seascapes. After we exhaust the properties of watercolors, I provide them with a professional grade of watercolor paper that we use to make a painting of the Rainbow Fish.  I have found that kids adore working with watercolor. I found that it is important that they know that regular printer paper cannot hold up to watercolor work. It is wonderful to expand and share about different techniques of watercolor and let them experiment with everything that they are thinking. It is one of my happiest memories with my students. Their Rainbow fish paintings became wonderful parent gifts. I will try to share these additional resource links soon.

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