War extracts

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War extracts

I am doing Wilfred Owen with my English lit group and this is something I am going to use with them as an introduction to the topic in order to get them thinking about war. It contains two sets of extracts; war themed. The class will be split into two groups and each has to present what they have found out from the extracts ALONE. Almost as if they were an alien from another planet; what would these extracts tell them about the relation between humans and war- idea is to get them to start thinking critically about texts. Could also use extracts for lots of other purposes…

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July 2016
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January 2016
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May 2012
Brilliant! I am a pre-service teacher on my 3rd professional experience and I am taking a unit on War Poetry. This is going to help so much! Thanks for developing such a comprehensive bank of resources.
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March 2012
Thank you for this. I don't actually teach English, I teach R.S. But these extracts will work brilliantly for a group ranking type task when investigating Aquinas' Just war theory. Thank you!
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November 2008
Really useful and interesting resource to be used as is or piecemeal. Very thought-provoking!
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September 2008
This is excellent. Only good resources can be used as they are or adapted. Thanks.